Thursday, April 13, 2006

remembering japan

7 april, ah seng insist that i buy him dinner. His requirement - aircon, expensive, delicious, full of variety. I keep suggesting hawker, cheap and good... oh well, in the end he decided on japanese ramen, restaurant call "sapporo ramen Miharu" at gallery hotel.

Reluntantly i check on the internet what so good about it to go all the way to gallery hotel, interestingly i found my favourite Tsuke ramen, the one i had in tokyo... my excitement had spread to ah cheng, who i called to see the delicious noodle photo. So without asking ah seng, we 2 girls tag along, like our own date, he is like a body guard haahaa.oh a background on ah seng, he used to be my client, its fate that we got to know that we live on the same area, like salty food, margarita due to the salt on the rim ahhaha. Ah seng, if u reading this, remember to buy me yummy stuff when u go abroad again. But seriously, i believe u need fate to be frens, but not sure if the fate is forever. I lost a lot of frens and regain some frens in the 29 yrs journey of my life... its a long road, to keep the frens by your side due to different commitments in life. well.. we will see.