Monday, March 13, 2006

A brand new day?

Today I had a chat with pixelrain, he'd so much prob in getting his flat too.
And he told me to try to see a man's perspective, that they tends to be bit slower & relax in getting things done, man just need some whipping to get him into action.

Anyway that's not the only enlightenment today ... I went for a puff, & start thinking, am I going to be sad forever, have I forgotten the reason why i'm married to this man. Probably I did, i marry him to hopefully create a different kind of happiness. I'd my family love, i gain back my lost frenship. Now i shld be looking forward to having my own family life, and sharing with my family. *double happiness*

Maybe I should start changing, changing the curse that had been follow us since ROM. Who else do we have beside our love one?
Am I getting too profound?
I can't understand myself totally anyway...
But I know from today, I need to do something for myself.


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