Monday, February 27, 2006

my pretty sister

Never tot my pretty sister is feeling so sad... all becos of stupid pple she work with. Really amazing why in this world, stupid pple can get paid to do stupid jobs. I wish i can have loads of money, i would want the 2 person who i love so dearly in my life to be free from debts, free from pple who make them feel down. I want them to be happy.

Life is so rough, why can't it be smooth sailing for kind pple like us. This roller coaster life is so stressful, partly being a Singaporean is worst.. My cousin-in-law wife from USA, was complaining to me that getting a flat in Singapore is so difficult.. unless choose those "bird also dun lay eggs" places and kill ourselves when we cannot sell it next time and our children goes to some ulu school. See its not only the Singaporeans complaining ok.


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